Cathy and Marshall provided an awesome cultural experience filled
with nature ’s beauty, history, stories, and opportunities to interact
with local residents each day as we explored spring in the Copper
Canyon area. I enjoyed each moment of this adventure!
Muriel Zimmerman - Maryville MO
Copper Canyon 2017
I had been to Mata Ortiz 2 or 3 times with friends, but the trip with
Cathy and Marshall opened my eyes to entirely new aspects of that
region. Their in-depth knowledge based upon decades of traveling
and living in Mexico were enriching beyond measure. I would travel
with them anytime!
Jessica Harrison - Tucson AZ
Mata Ortiz 2017
The trip was great, with being able to pet a grey whale and her baby
was totally awesome!!!
Carol Bragg - Green Valley AZ
Baja Whale Watch 2016
I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to the Copper Canyon. Marshall and
Cathy enriched my experience through their narratives, funny
stories, meeting & interacting with their Chihuahua friends and
families and their attention to details. I am so pleased that I chose to
travel with them on my adventure to the Copper Canyon.
Rosie Nuanes - Los Angeles CA
Copper Canyon, October 2016/ (signed up for Oaxaca
We recently toured Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, and Lake
Titicaca with Marshall and had a wonderful memorable trip. This
was our fourth trip with Fiesta Tours International and, as usual,
the tour was well organized, very interesting, educational and quite
enjoyable. We have always enjoyed the small group excursions
that Fiesta Tours offers. Marshall and our Peruvian guides were
always nearby to quickly answer our questions and take care of our
requests. As always, Marshall was a very knowledgeable and well
prepared guide for the trip. We are always looking forward to a
future trip with Marshall and Cathy.
Marv and Pay Yoshinaka - Sun River OR
Peru 2017, Costa Rica 2015, Northern Arizona 2012, Baja
Whale Watch 2009
This specific tour of Copper Canyon is unique in that Cathy and
Marshall Giesy have personal connections with Yaqui Indians,
Tarahumara Indians, and individual potters in Mata Ortiz. Thus
meeting, and buying art from, individual artists and their families is
a special experience not afforded on the larger tour groups that visit
Copper Canyon. Copper Canyon is beautiful in and of itself. But, for
us, the small group tour and personal connections with the people
of Copper Canyon is even more treasured and memorable.
David and Hanna Gradwohl - Ames IA
Copper Canyon 2017
Our third trip to Mata Ortiz with Cathy and Marshall still continues
to be exciting and rewarding. To see the potters create their art,
paint and fire their ware with high expectations for a successful
firing is a marvelous experience. Exciting to share the anticipation
of a successful firing and an excellent opportunity to purchase the
prize olla (pot) from the artist. Every detail of the trip met and/or
exceeded our expectations. What a wonderful opportunity to be able
to participate and share such a wonderful heritage. Don ’t miss it!
Dannie and Lynn Martin - Green Valley AZ
Mata Ortiz 2016 and two previous times, Copper Canyon
If you want a neat cultural experience learning to know the people,
travel with Fiesta Tours!
Reta Neff, Tucson AZ
Copper Canyon 2017